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VReady is a VR shooter focused heavily on accurate firearm mechanics and interactions, currently there is a randomized killhouse gamemode, team deathmatch,  outside range as well as a fully stocked shooting range with 20+ functional weapons. It is in development but its very playable. Fully compitable with both oculus and vive!

Discord: https://discord.gg/YJcNvnx

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsVirtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsOculus Rift, HTC Vive

Install instructions

Just extract it and play :)


vready-win.zip 1 GB
Version 19 1 day ago

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Would've prefered some gameplay on the trailer but ill play it anyway, looks intimidating

Thank you i understand that, will sort that out.


I apreciate the help, most itch.io games don't have devs that respond to comments


searching around for free vr gun games on itch, having bought quite a few on Steam now

this looks like it will be fun, definitely gonna download it and try it out

Thank you!

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Played it, and only encountered two issues:

1. Bullet decals can go onto your hand?

I managed this by shooting at a wall then slowly moving my hand from in front of the gun to behind the wall.

2. It lags a lot with full-auto guns sometimes.

Most prominent in Killhouse for me, it just drops from a solid high fps to about a 5.

Other than that, it's great.

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Thank you, yeah it might be cause the bullets was weird in the last update. and yeah performance is somethign im working on too :) but thanks i appreciate it!


This Is Amazing


Another issue I had and it might just be me. I kept dropping things by accident. I would hit the palm button by accident. Maybe have it so you hold the palm button to pick it up and when you release the button it let's go. Idk maybe a bad idea just putting it out there. 

It is cause WMR is using steamvr, so i have it do that in vive, but didnt think of WMR before, so i will have to sort that out. thank you btw!

I've never used a vive does its TouchPad work well ?  Ive had issues with the TouchPad on wmr controllers with a few games, it doesn't work it seems way over sensitive. It is good to use the TouchPad as extra buttons when pushing on it. 


Any idea if it works with Windows Mixed Reality VR?

Hey! i dont have a WMR headset. If you dont mind, you can try it out and see if it works. 


Yeah I'll download it and let you know

Sounds good!


No problem


Did it work? i have WMR.


Ok, I gave it a try. Everything worked fine for the most part. It loaded up through SteamVR. It took a couple of minutes to figure what controls did what for motion through the range. The touchpad controlled motion but moving the headset did too for some reason. The guns were great and performed well. Outside of moving around being a bit wonky, the only issue that I had was no sound for some reason. 

Alright! Thanks for your response. I think there might be a way to enable the joystick in a steamvr config after checking around.


Yes I have a Lenovo explorer and it works. Only issue for me personally is movement is with the TouchPad  not the joystick. I wish all vr games would give us controller mapping options. 

Hey! I will try to solve that issue with the touchpad, so it uses the joystick instead. i will post a update as soon as i have added it. Thanks!


I have the same headset. Yep, touchpad motion was a bit weird and I had no sound.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The first time I ran it the sound worked the second time I had no sound. 

Hm that's weird, you have focus in the game on your monitor right? So you are not pressing on another application at the same time making it lose focus?

I think there might be a way to enable the joystick in a steamvr config after checking around.

I know how to mess with controls through steam. Next time I fire it up I'll mess with them.


hey man i like this keep it up :D

Hey, thank you! I appreciate it!